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Пятница, 07.05.2021, 22:05
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Главная » 2014 » Апрель » 19

19.04.2014 – Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about my holidays. So, first of all I want write a little bit by English. I know, that it still wrong, but before, when I started study English I can’t wrote any sentences. If talking true, before I don’t speak as well. Every day I wrote new story in school copybook and you can see my result. I’ll do my exercises every day; because I want to be diligent student and I want to know this language.

Well, I want to say “THANK YOU” for my teachers: Felix, Rod, Meredith (Mez) and Snezana. They are so friendly with me. They are given me a lot of experiences with this language, I need just continuing and moving to win =)

So, continue about mine holidays. It was… hold on, it still amazing time, because I visited a lot of places. First of all I met with new people and found many interesting places. Then I visited Great Ocean Road and Melbourne zoo. I destroyed my scared about spiders and snakes. Actually I still scared about those but it not so strong like it was before. And of course I continue my adventure.

O.K., now I want change language and continue by Russian, because I know more Russian words than English.


Чур сильно не плеваться на мой английский, я все еще учусь. Такую штукенцию я пишу практически каждый день на разные темы. Вот, решил немного здесь написать, в случае, если посею свою тетрадку, чтоб было с чем сличить потом и ве ... Читать дальше »

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